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Eyeglasses are used to aid eye problems that are due for different reasons like aging, genetics or harmful environmental effects. But today, eyeglasses are not only use to aid medical conditions of the eyes but as an accessory as well. And, for the perfect combination of eyeglasses and fashion, FramesDirect is the one to beat.

FramesDirect is an online shop that specializes in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. It was founded in 1996 by two optometrists, Dr. Dhavid Cooper and Dr. Guy Hodgson. After 15 amazing years as an online eyewear expert, FramesDirect has already serviced more than a million satisfied customers.

FramesDirect’s website is very eye-pleasing and easy to navigate. It has categorized tabs so that customers can efficiently browse and compare its products. It offers a diverse array or eyewear products, from reading glasses to contact lenses. Check out its complete online product catalog below.

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FramesDirect: What makes it different?
  • Free Shipping

FramesDirect offers free ground shipping to their customers. For this option, the processing time would be 2-4 business days and the total estimated delivery time is 6 to 11 business days.

  • Live Chat Support

FramesDirect offers a live chat support to accommodate all immediate customer concerns.

  • Military Discounts

FramesDirect is affiliated with that offers eyewears with the lowest prices exclusively for the US Military.

  • BBB Accreditation

FramesDirect has been determined to meet BBB accreditation standards, which includes an excellent commitment to make extensive efforts to resolve any consumer issue. It has received an A+ from BBB last April 18, 2011.

  • Savings and Discounts

FramesDirect offers several discounts and promos on its website. With this consumers can save up to 30-50% off on their orders. Here are some of its discounts for this month.

FramesDirect vs. primary competitors (sites similar to FramesDirect)

The business of selling eyewears online is very competitive and tough. With this, FramesDirect is always subjected to a number of strong rivals and two of those are Zenni Optical and GlassesUSA.

FramesDirect vs. Zenni Optical

  • Like FramesDirect, Zenni Optical is also an online shop that specializes in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. 
  • Zenni Optical has Zenni Frame Fit where customers can try what type and shape of frame fit their faces by just uploading a picture of them on the website.
  • Both online stores offer live chat support for their customers.
  • Only FramesDirect offers military discounts to military customers.
  • Zenni Optical does not sell contact lenses while FramesDirect does.
  • FramesDirect offers free ground shipping on all orders without minimum amount while Zenni Optical only has free shipping on orders over $50.

FramesDirect vs. GlassesUSA

  • GlassesUSA is also an online store that offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • FramesDirect and GlassesUSA are affiliated with few branded glasses like Paul Frank, Smith Optics and Ray Ban.
  • Both FramesDirect and GlassesUSA offer free shipping on all orders.
  • Only Framesdirect has live chat support.
  • FramesDirect offers contact lenses to its customers while GlassesUSA does not.
  • GlassesUSA is the only one that has a 110% lowest price guarantee on their products.
  • GlassesUSA has a virtual mirror feature on its website.

Over all, if you are buying your prescription eyeglasses but the price does go beyond $50, FramesDirect or GlassesUSA are the ones to choose because of their free ground shipping program. Also, if you are considering to try contact lenses instead of eyeglasses, FramesDirect is the better option among the three because it is the only one that offers it.

FramesDirect: Pricing & packages



Zenni Optical


Men’s Glasses




Women’s Glasses








Acuvue Contact Lenses


Not available

Not available

On the table above, we can easily compare the prices of FramesDirect, Zenni Optical and GlassesUSA on the same items. Clearly, we can see that the prices for the three eyewear stores are almost on the same range. Zenni Optical may have the lowest prices on items 1 to 3 but we have to remember that Zenni Optical’s free shipping starts at $50. Lastly, only FramesDirect has contact lenses which will obviously work to its advantage.

FramesDirect: Product images & screenshots
FramesDirect Coupons
FramesDirect: Customer reviews & comments

FramesDirect’s online reviews from its customers are a mix of positive and negative feedbacks.

Here are some of the good reviews it has received.

"I was skeptical to order eyewear online, but after I called to get assistance I was impressed...The lady was very patient and walked me through the entire process. After 8 days I received my glasses and my vision is great and i am already getting compliments....I will tell all my friends and family about this site....and the strangers who compliment my glasses too! Thank you FramesDirect!" –evanmohr,

“I don’t know if the overwhelming negative reviews caused this firm to get on the stick, but I am pleased as punch with them. I was in a style dilemma-a genuine emergency broadcast. I need stylish frames, as now I am a custom decorator. The trouble is I also need progressive lenses which are out of sight. They are so expensive I almost had sticker shock. What’s a poor cutie pitutie to do? I contacted this company named It is a very easy online store to navigate. Once you look around at your local optician, you will have a very good idea what frames you want and how much they are going to rip you off for- I mean charge you. In my situation- I picked a reasonable frame, but the entire package was still too much for me. I checked all the online stores and found this shop has a long history. I felt that was a plus. I also found the frames to be about 1/4 less than the local mom and pop store. So I ordered the frames here and instead of the projected time frame of 10 business days, they actually arrived in about 4 days. They arrived in perfect condition. The frames have a 30 day guarantee return for them if defective. If you just don’t care for them, you have to pay a restocking fee of 20 percent. That seemed fair to me. The lenses are made for you so they don’t guarantee this. I am choosing to have my lenses put into the frames from the local optician. The frames arrived early, wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and in a hard case. They were exactly the proper color and size. To get the proper size you can often find the figures you need to obtain by looking inside the front nose bridge. I hope you find the company as efficient and trustworthy as I did. I found the selection was phenomenal. The site itself was so easy to find exactly the pair I had tried on and liked.” –bwyckoff1,

"After going out and taking care of my prescription and pupil distance measurement, I went online and selected both my frames and prescription lenses. The order page was quick and painless, though there was some curiosity about the two different brands of lenses and the types of coatings they offered for each, as the information was rather vague. It took a total of 13 days for the frames to be ordered, sent to the lab for the lenses to be made and mounted, shipped, and to finally arrive at my home. They were packed well and in the original frame's manufacturer box. They fit well, I can see clearly and there are no issues whatsoever. Aside from the bit of a wait in total, I ended up saving more than half of what it would have cost me otherwise." –kinyin,

On a dimmer note, here are some of the negative reviews it has received as quoted.

“Probably the most misleading name ever: Frames Direct. Nothing about this place is "direct." It's now literally a month after I ordered from them and they still haven't even shipped. Currently the status just says "Ordered." ...Yeah, no shit they've been ordered. 
Thanks a lot guys...
Avoid this place at all costs.” –Jeff G.,

“RUN, don't walk, away from this company. Let's see, should we start with how inept they are or just go straight to the lying? This is the worst company I've every dealt with. They will say anything they think you want to hear, then just do whatever they want. They love to make excuses, place blame and pass the buck = the worst customer experience on the planet. Delivery speed - nonexistent, even after multiple promises are made. Order accuracy? Don't know - after being promised the glasses repeatedly, they are still not here. Customer Service -- hmmm, sucks. They tried to force us to pay extra shipping charges due to a maufacturer's error. Overall satisfaction? None.” –tc82193,

"Really very bad, endless delays and no communication. They under-refunded me when I part cancelled the order due to unacceptable delays in fulfilling order. Buying glasses from this company is an unpleasant experience." –mueslician,

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